Last Thursday, I was invited to a spectacular birthday celebration of my stunning friend Ashley. She is an expert when it comes to fabulous events and this one was another super exceptional one.

The celebration took place in the 30s.  We were invited to join detective Ashley to an agency dinner to help resolve a serious murder mystery
 It was a fantastically fun party! 
First, dressing up for an event like this was so much fun, when else do we get a chance to dress up?!
Secondly, it was awesome meeting all the wonderful agency members that made the effort to join the party wearing beautiful costumes.
And the interactive game/show was super entertaining. We have seen some amazing acting there from member of our own agency!
I just think its a brilliant idea to celebrate your special day in such interesting way,  not to mention the very reasonable cost.  I am grateful to have such an incredibly creative and fun friends.

Happy Birthday Ashley!

To create my look, I pulled some 30s inspiration on pinterest and came across fabulous long gowns.
My wedding dress (that I personally designed) immediately came to my mind. I was so excited wearing it again, it was ultra special.
I accessorized it with my grandmother long gloves and purse, lots of purples and fun furry vest.
Of course my hair updo played a huge role. Thank you to salon Zazu Chicago and to TJ who did an amazing job with my hair ;-)
(Great idea for a costume for Halloween)

Thank you for visiting my blog :)
photography by me and my honey

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