The last 4 years my work out routine has involved yoga, weights, and running. Yet I’m always on radar for something new. I hit the jackpot and found a really unique exercise, AIR FIT! I was so intrigued that I decided to share it with you.
It's truly an incredibly creative workout that combines all my favorites: Yoga, Pilates and Ballet on aerial silk fabric. The work out is ultra effective, works a lot on strength, balance, stability and sculpts your body in no time.
Last Sunday, I attended a super fun workshop with the amazing Linnea Schlegel, who is also my instructor at Core Power. Although I have never been so sore, I simply can't wait to go back, master my aerial skills and do serious tricks for my next air photo shoot :)

I have also had the privilege of meeting the lovely and so inspiring founder and CEO Shama Patel. (read her story here) Shama's team is extremely professional, pleasant, helpful and motivating.

Now, are you ready for an adventurous work out?
Use Promo Code:AIRCHICAGO to Register for $1 instead of $30!
Visit this link to sign up
 For more info contact AIR studio 980-219-8425

Linnea Schlegel is assisting with this crazy pose
Thank you for reading, I hope you've been inspired!

 Please excuse me for any spelling/grammar mistakes as English is my 3rd language.

Special thank you to my amazing team Jonathan Cohon and Elisabeth Smith at JHC Production who came to the workshop to take those pictures!


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