It's pretty obvious how much I adore hats. I personally wear them all year round, but now when the cold weather is among us, it's a perfect time to pull out your cozy hats. Besides the fact that hats keep you warm, they add an instant dose of chic to any outfit! Hats luckily allow for plenty of great and affordable options to choose from. My advice is to try out those hats that you think you’d never wear :) you may be surprised! One of my favorites I purchased in the men’s department.

This is the hat that I purchased at the Men's Department at Nordstrom.

Some of my favorites now at stores:
1. club monaco   2. telavivcouture    3. zara    4. nordstrom    5. club monaco   
 6. telavivcouture    7. topshop    8. zara     9. ninewest

Thank you for reading, I hope you've been inspired.
Please excuse me for any grammar/spelling mistakes, as English is my 3rd language :)

Very special thank you to Jonathan Cohon and Elisabeth Smith at JHC Production for your love and for your incredible vision and work.


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