1. To motivate myself to drink lots of H2O, I started making flavored water with any berries that are in the fridge with lemon and basil or mint. Also love cucumber water. The flavor is super refreshing, zero calories, it looks so pretty and it works because I do drink a lot more.

2. Instead of shopping for an ordinary diaper bag, I converted my Proenza Schoular to my baby bag. I love it because it's roomy, stylish and fits perfectly on my stroller.

3. Tan Towels A touch of tan glow is always a great idea especially now in the summer.

4. Glow masks Those are simply amazing! To make up for my current luck of consistency of daily facial routine, I use Glow masks once to twice a week and get really good results. So worth it!

5. NARS lip pencils been my thing for years now. Occasionally I try new products but somehow always come back to these. Bright lips and sunnies makes the quickest put together look.

6. Uppa baby stroller that was purchased 4.5 years ago for my girl Katya. I chose this brand because of the bassinet and the big storage space. I have to say that I am very pleased with it but for travel, this is not the most convenient one. For city mommies and for older babies, I love Orbit as well.

7.Josie robe/cover up, days before baby Leonix arrived my girlfriend and I went shopping for comfy home/hospital essentials. I been living in them ever since and wear it as a cover up as well. It's a great gift for your expecting girlfriend.

8. I love everything about this bassinet. It's beyond adorable and I love having Leonix at night by my bed side at least for first couple of months.  I am not sure where is this particular one from as we got it from our friends. But I found some great options herehere, and here If you are expecting, I would for sure recommend to buy one.

9. Fresh flowers, I absolutely love having them around the house.

While working on this post I realized that I have more favorites to share. I will leave those for my next essentials post.

Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you are having an awesome start of the week.


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