I started working on a post about a look I wore in NYC then I realized that I wanted to do something different this time. Instead of talking about this outfit and how I styled it, I wanted to tell you why I decided to wear this look. This led me to a completely new topic, how to travel and stay fit!

Lately, I have been on the go A LOT! Staying healthy has almost been mission impossible, especially being on the cruise if you know what I mean. After putting on some extra pounds, I always reach for comfortable yet chic (of course) fit clothing, so this look below worked perfectly. I styled my new lace wide pants from Florence with a boxy shirt and heeled booties. 

Here are some of my top ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle:

I try to live by the motto that it’s all about balance and listening to your own body. I accept the fact that when I travel I relax my routine a bit, don’t work out as often, and usually consume a lot more calories. Instead of fighting it, I enjoy it and make a promise to myself to get back on track when I return home.
My normal routine is to exercise 5 days a week, 4 days of yoga and the rest cardio/weights. I am not a fan of running, but I have found I enjoy it a lot more when I run outdoors. When I feel like I put on some weight though, I up my cardio to 3 times a week and get myself back to core power sculpt classes!

For food, we all know the rules: lean proteins, healthy grains, and lots of water! Cheating occasionally is okay, we tend to do it more on the weekends. The most important thing is to not beat yourself up and get back to it right after. It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle!

Now I am sure we all know what we need to do in order to be healthy, this is not news to anyone. The harder questions are how to stick with it and how to follow through?

My answer is goals! Believe me, I love to eat and I love sweets. However, I am a very goal oriented person. Being healthy and staying fit are extremely important to me so I make these goals top priority. I have got some amazing genes from my fox, but this one is not one of them. I know that I have to work hard to stay in good shape so that is what I do. 

Having partner always helps! Jason and I are doing it together which makes it a lot easier.

Try group work out/yoga classes or a session with a personal trainer. I tend to work harder when I am in a class or with a trainer. That being said, when my days are full I just go to the gym in my building for 20-30 minutes. I find that it is better than nothing.

Keep sweets out of the home. I have a major sweet tooth so I know if I have it in my house it is a lot more challenging to not indulge, especially when working late at night. Instead, Jason and I like to share desserts on our dates. 

Plan a reward for yourself when you accomplish your goal whether it be a trip, a treat, or a special purchase. 

Lastly don't forget to smile! I promise this will help too -)
 How do you stay healthy? Do you have any tips or questions for me? If so, please comment below! I promise to answer all of them! 


Cheers and big congratulations to Chicago Cubs and their extraordinary fans!!



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