This is probably one of the hottest topics that mommies discuss, how to lose that baby weight?!

The truth is, I was worried that after baby # 2 it would be harder to lose the weight because that is what I have heard. With that in mind, I tried to stay as healthy as I could while I was pregnant. It's not like I didn't cheat. I did pretty much daily:) but I kept a relatively balanced diet with healthy foods and work outs. In the summer, I enjoy running by the lake, occasionally visit the gym and pretty consistently do yoga 3 -5 days a week.
I was hooked on Core Power yoga for years, but when I was pregnant with Leonix my body didn't react well to heat so I decided to start new style, Ashtanga, and now I am obsessed!

Why Ashtanga?

First, I fell in love with my teacher, Alexia. When I looked at her photography, I was so inspired and wanted her to teach me to do all of this! Truthfully I didn't believe that its even possible. We started with modifying practice as I was 4 months pregnant. Although, I still have a long way to go, I can't believe what I am able to do today with my body.

Second, it's like a gift. Once you learn it, you own it and you can practice anywhere anytime. What's also amazing is that once your body memorizes it, you flow without thinking what's next, I love it! 

Third, are the results! Every time I practice I feel like I am getting stronger, leaner and more flexible. And I am confident that this practice was a huge part of losing my baby weight fairly quickly.

Lastly, is classes flexibility. Taking care of both kids in the morning and making it on time to classes is a mission that's almost impossible. With Ashtanga at Yoga View there is a time frame of at least 2.5 hours and you can practice any time during this time frame. Each yogi works on his own practice at his own pace while the teacher adjusts and guides individuals when necessary.
In addition, once a week, when I don't have a babysitter, I have my teacher Alexia come to my home for a private session. This was probably one of the best treats I gifted myself.

To learn more about Ashtanga please check out Alexia's site and feel free to contact her with any questions you may have.

I hope you are inspired to stay fit and healthy :)


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