My 92 yr Grandmother!

Meet one of the most beautiful and inspiring women that I am so lucky to have in my life, my 92 year old grandmother in-law Ida Fishbein. 
Every time I visit her I am amazed by her youthfulness, positive lifting spirit and timeless style. During my last trip to visit her in New York, I had the urge to interview my grandma and share her beauty secrets with you. 

"So grandma, where did your love of fashion came from?"
"Clothing played a huge part in my life. My family couldn't afford clothing but luckily I had relatives that had a fashion company, occasionally they would send me stuff. Quickly it was clear that I had the eye to put things together and everybody was loving it... to the extent that at my High School graduation I was voted best dressed!
I love dressing up, I get the thrill out of it until this day. Even if no one can see under the jacket, just me...everything has to match and be perfect... including my makeup!" 

"What's your beauty secret?"
"I loved dancing, music, traveling and shopping, enjoying life... oh, and having healthy marriage is key!"

"What's your advice to my friends who are always asking me how you are looking so young?"

"Healthy lifestyle, watching what I eat and always keeping a positive outlook. And don't forget, lots and lots of moisturizing!"

Wearing red blouse, one of many treasures that grandma passed to me, so lucky!

my sequin tank is from grandma

with my man and beautiful grandma

 Thank you for reading.

Pictures were taken with my Iphone by me and my honey.


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