Art Fair Deerfield Feb 22-24, featuring Skalski leather bags, Ciporkin clothing and more!

Back to sweet home freezing Chicago from beautiful Israel's sunshine.  I couldn't wish for a better trip. Of course, I collected tons of pictures and materials for my blog and simply cant wait to share it with you.
I am very excited to present the designers Skalski and Ciporkin this week, Feb 22-24, at the Art Fair in Deerfield!
Pictured below is Einat, Sklaski designer and founder, in her studio in Tel Aviv. I was thrilled to finally meet Einat and her team. Skalski has experienced growing success including a recent presentation at Moscow Fashion Week.

I absolutely obsessed with this gondola bag, first bag that ever Einat designed. 

All leather bags above and more will be featured at Art Fair Deerfield, Feb 22-24

I have had the longest business relationship with Dalit Ciporkin as we been working together since the first day I launched Tel Aviv Couture. I am a big fan of Ciporkin because of her effortlessly chic style and versatile pieces that complement many different body shapes. Dalit designed a customized collection especially for the Art Fair Deerfiled in collaboration with Tel Aviv Couture! And I will be presenting and styling during the entire show! I hope to see you there :)

With amazing founder and designer Ciporkin

Preview of new collection

My sister Orli wearing Ciporkin tunic

All of the pieces above and more will be featured at the Art Fair in Deerfield

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