I am getting personal today as I have a strong urge to wish my Mister a very Happy Father's Day here on my blog :)

It was a blissful Fathers Day weekend celebrating truly one of a kind Dad who have exceeded all my expectations as a Papa! I adore and cherish you even so much more now when we have our big happy family of 5! The love, values and coolness that you are bringing to our family are beyond anything I could have dreamt for. I am the most excited to celebrate my you with you and our family every day in our beautiful life. You are our hero, the best chef, the smartest and brilliant in so many different ways! We love you so so much!

Jaiden 12 years old
Katya just turned 4
Baby Leonix 10 days old
Happy Father's Day!

Thank you for visiting my blog! I hope you had a wonderful Father's Day weekend!


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