Life is full of surprises! When I was packing for my trip to Israel I had no idea that I will end up traveling the Greece Islands on the most beautiful private boat with my dearest friends. 

Here what I discovered this adventure:

Five Greece Islands: Kos, Leros, Nisos Lipso, Patmos, Kalimnos

The ultimate vacation for body and mind is a boat trip 

Yoga is not for boats, especially balance poses. But swimming in sparkely Mediterranean Sea is the most refreshing work out I have had.

Items I couldn't leave without this trip are swim suite, white button down shirt, warm sweater and my backpack.

My favorite boat music is the sound of sea 

Favorite thing to do on the boat is being inspired by the Mother Nature

I was very lucky to take this memorable trip with my chicest friend and fellow blogger from Israel Luba Jakobson.  Here is her point of view and great tips for you next Greece visit.

Thank you for visiting my blog! New posts from Tel Aviv are coming soon!


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