One of my favorite things about owning Tel Aviv Couture is having the opportunity to meet so many influential artists in this fascinating industry. 
I was introduced to Gioeilli by Liat just about when I started Tel Aviv Couture 9 years ago,  when Liat decided to follow her passion, and started her jewelry brand.

First, I have to say how proud I am of Liat for pursuing her dream and for growing her company beautifully all by herself. Working with Israeli designers for years, I know the challenge they face everyday to succeed. Unfortunately, many artists didn't make this far, while Liat did and I congratulate her for that. 

So what’s the secret for your success Liat?

Having a jewelry line is not enough, you got to have a concept. I listened to a friend of mine who is a fashion stylist speaker,  which was very interesting but I noticed that she was referring purely to body silhouette and how to style based on body shape. I realized that nobody referring to the styling of the face and neck which is the most important part of our body.

She added saying that at the age of 35, I started to see signs of aging, and Botox wasn't the solution I was looking for. So I developed a concept with my jewelry line. 
I think that women get more beautiful with age and I know how to help them find it. 

This is very interesting, so what’s your concept?

By using different forms of superior metals I can create an illusion that will lengthen your neck line and enhance parts of the face that you want to focus on such as jaw lines, cheek bones, and facial shape. 

She continues and says: when we wear high heels we tend to keep a straight posture, I use the same concept with my long style earrings.

Some clients told me that they even feel slimmer while wearing long style. 

So what style you recommend for me?

I would go with the long delicate earrings. Those can be worn two ways, the concave shape will lengthen your neckline and convex will frame your face. I tried them on and loved the illusion of having a longer neckline and the elegant touch. I can wear them with anything! Of course I left the studio wearing them.

What’s your biggest challenge as a designer in Tel Aviv?

I am doing something that is not mainstream, the minimal and modern style is not necessary developed here, but I am working on it and feel like I am almost there. The key is to convince the client to try it, then they simply get hooked and come back for more.

Liat just moved in to a new studio on Nahalat Benimanin, one of the most artistic areas in Tel Aviv where very often you can find street fairs of many different artists. I strongly recommend to stop by during your next visit in the holly land.

Gioielli by Liat collection is now available at

Read more about Liat here 
wearing my new Long Delicate Gold Earrings

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