I have to admit that coming back from a month and half trip that I mostly spent in warm Israel, it was quite difficult to come back to freezing Chicago. However, instead of feeling negative about it I decided to change my attitude and to start exploring this festive holiday season in my beautiful home city.

Even if you don't have kids, Chicago ZooLights could be a different type of date. Besides the breathtaking scenery of lights, you can enjoy warm spiced wines, snacks and maybe even ice skating.
For kids, plenty of fun activities are offered including, holiday crafts, rides on the carousel and train, and on certain days you can meet Santa. We didn't have a chance to meet Santa and since I didn't want to disappoint my little toddler Katya, my husband asked a random sales guy that was wearing a Santa hat to give Katya a little gift that I prepared in advance for her. It was too cute and a perfect finale for a spectacular family time! We are so doing this again and very soon.

Chicago ZooLights open now through January 4.
Admission is FREE!

If you prefer to stay away from cold, Chicago Winter WonderFest at Navy Pier is an indoor magical holiday fest for the entire family. The place is filled with endless stunning holiday decorations, plenty of super cool activities, rides, slides, snacks, crafts, Santa and and so much more.
We started our day there early at 10 am, and could barely leave at 4. My daughter loved it so much that toward the end she was crawling from slide to slide as she had no energy to walk but still didn't want to leave. LOL and we were able to meet a real Santa :)

The Winter WonderFest is running now through Januray 11.
General admission $3.50 online and $5 at the door
Activity admission $23.50 online and $25 at the door

Although Katya looks terrified, she was super excited to meet Santa and more than anything excited about her gift:)

Thank you for reading my blog. I hope you enjoyed and come back soon.

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