The recent post, Soccer meets Fashion, I was showing you the Rudsak sneakers on sale, but unfortunately we were sad to find out that they currently do not ship to the U.S.  But that doesn’t mean there aren’t other great options for you, and today you will find out what they are.

There’s an old saying that goes “fashion comes and go, but style is forever” and for the basic sneaker, this couldn’t be truer. Back when I was still awaiting the birth of our sweet boy, I wrote about sneakers here. Fast forward a year and some months, this sneaker trend  still here and here to stay. As fads ebb and flow through time, the one thing that remains is that a simple sneaker can be chic and welcoming, especially for a mom like me, who is always on the go!

Pairing this basic shoe with a blazer or dress, makes this the go to look, whether jet setting or a busy day running around town. If this style is something you consider then there are a few options to nail this trend.

First, you can’t go wrong with the tried and true basic white sneaker, like the Swear. Looking to jazz it up a bit? Check out the Miu Miu shoe, my personal favorite, that adds the perfect accent with the metallic, pointed toe which screams cool & feminine. I just wish it wouldn't be so pricey. My red Miu Miu I purchased on crazy sale years ago at Nordstrom and I still wear them which makes them a great investment, right?

The Comme de Garcons with a peak-a-boo heart on the side, are super fun (also avaiiable in high top). Naot is an Israeli brand that known for comfort and their white new sneaker is pretty cool looking too. Balenciaga I love because of the small platform, unique design and also has the pointed toe. Unfortunately, sometimes these shoes can get a bit expensive, but of course I have other options for you!

For a more approachable choice, Adidas carries their iconic Stan Smith and Superstar white sneaker. And though it seems like everyone owns a pair of these, this shoe is perfectly safe choice.

Finally, if you are looking for a shoe that marries comfort with a little bit of edge, you have to try a high top sneaker. Whether you are rocking the golden, textured high top by Geox or the lovely, lace Superga, you simply can’t go wrong. I personally got the basic white Puma and posted some looks on my Instagram page @talikogan.

What is your favorite style? How do you like wearing this trend the most?
I would love to hear your comments and feedback.

Hope everyone had an amazing weekend!  Saturday at Lolapalooza was the highlight of mine! I posted some snaps on instagram.


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