Even though Chicago's cold winter sometimes can be rough, I realized that seasons are something that I was missing a lot while living in Israel. Especially now, when fashion is my life, I get so excited for the wardrobe change, wearing layers and of course all the accessories, scarves, gloves hats its crazy how they can spin around the entire look!
My next several posts are inspired by Chicago's breathtaking fall weather and they are all about warm accessories, cozy sweaters, leathers and layers!

Try to layer cozy cashmere sweater with your favorite vest

Armani black and white print blouse  //  J brand leather pants  //  Juicy Couture cashmere sweater (last year)  //  beret (similar here )  // Ciporkin Scarf for Tel Aviv Couture //  Zara messenger bag // // Kate Spade shades  // boots Alia, Ikram //

Thank you for reading!

Please excuse me for any grammar/spelling mistakes as English is my 3rd language :)

Very special thank you to Jonathan Cohon and Elisabeth Smith at JHC Production for your love and incredible vision!
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